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SOWiL Limited has successfully provided Project Management Consultancy Services for the Design and Construction Supervision of the prestigious 6 lane divided carriageway Mumbai Pune Expressway- Section-D and is presently providing Consultancy Services to the NHAI for Construction Supervision of four-laning and strengthening of the existing stretches from Krishnagiri to Ranipet (km 1.4 to km 144.20 of NH 46, Easterly Bypass 2.275 km on NH-7 and Walajhpet Bypass of 7.5 km) on NH-46 in the State of Tamil Nadu, Total Length 152.575km and Independent Engineer for 4-laning and strengthening of the existing 2-lane Belgaum to Maharashtra Border   road from km 515 to 592, a 77 km section of NH-4 in the State of Karnataka.  In addition, it is undertaking the preparation of Feasibility Studies and Detailed Project Reports for major highway assignments of Rehabilitation and Upgrading of existing 2-lane National Highway to 4/6-laning of 106 km long section of NH-26 from Lalitpur to Sagar from km 92 to km 198 (Asian Development Bank funded), Simrahi to Jhanjarpur Section (excluding Kosi Bridge and approaches) of NH-57, km 190.0 to km 165.0 and km 155.0 to km 110.0 and Kerala Border to Trishur, NH-47, km 182.00 to km 270.00 for the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) and development of Dual three lane carriageway (with service roads) Outer Ring Road in Chennai Metropolitan Area for Tamil Nadu Road Development Company.

Some of the major highways projects completed/ in-hand are:

FS of
  • Rural and District Roads in Kalali District, Nepal 100 km
  • indigul-Kanakpura (NH-209) 266 km
  • Salem -Ulunderpet (NH-68) 153 km
  • Kottavasal to Thirumangalam (NH-208) 150 km
  • Moradnagar-Roorkee Ganga Canal Road 134 km
  • New National Highways (NH 66 and 205) 247 km
  • Cherthala   Kaliyikkavila (NH-47) 212 km
DPR for
  • Dindigul-Palani (NH-209) 54 km
  • Salem-Rayapanur (NH-68) 76.4 km
  • Coimbatore-Pollachi (NH-209) 37.7 km
CS of
  • Krishnagiri-Ranipet (NH-46) 152.5 km

  • Nagpur-Adilabad (NH-7) 27.4 km
  • Jevargi - Bijapur Road (Karnataka SH-12), Package JB-4 29 km
  • Ron Badami Road (Karnataka) 31.8 km
  • Rural Roads under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna (PMGSY)
  • -
    Package Bastar in Chhattisgarh 340 km
  • Rural Roads under PMGSY Package Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh 97 km
FS & DPR of
  • Patna-Muzaffarpur(NH-77 & 19) 48.2 km
  • Lucknow Bypass 32.7 km
  • Jammu-Pathankot (NH-1A)17.2 km
  • Gondal-Ribda section (NH-8B) 17 km
  • Nagpur - Talegaon section of NH-690.8 km
  • Jallandhar-Pathankot (NH-1A) 84 km
  • Kottayam-Nedumbassery (Kerala) 72 km
  • Lalitpur Sagar (NH-26) - 106 km
  • Simrahi-Jhanjarpur (NH-57) 70 km
  • Outer Ring Road Chennai (Tamil Nadu) 62.3 km
  • Kerala Border-Trishur (NH-47) 88 km
  • Extension of Kotayam-Nedumbassery Road to Changanassery (Kerala) 51 km
DPR & CS for
  • Mumbai-Pune Expressway, Section-D, 96 lane km
  • Satara-Kolhapur, Package-III (NH-4) - 29 km
  • Ure-Talegaon connector 4 km
  • Karmala-Bypass & Mangi Bridge
  • Rajasthan Urban Infrastructure - Design &CS
  • Independent Engineer - Belgaum-Maharashtra Border section of NH-4 - 77 km
  • Traffic Survey and Collection of related secondary data for 72 bridges constructed by Karnataka Road Development Corporation (KRDCL) spread throughout the State of Karnataka.
  • Grade Separators FS, DPR &CS
  • Toll Plazas, FS & DPR
  • Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Contract document & Manual for Mumbai-Pune Expressway
  • Institutional Development & Policy Support for UP State Roads Project.
  • Quality Control for Bridges, Roads & Bypass projects.


  Project Identification
  Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies
  Project Appraisal
  Project Planning and Preparation
  Traffic Surveys
  Topographical Survey

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SOWiL Limited an ISO 9001:2015, formerly known as Sir Owen Williams innovestment Limited, was incorporated in India, in September 1996 with its Corporate Office in Mumbai. The Company's Head office and principal design office as well as APEC and APpave office is at Navi Mumbai; North office including business development, talent acquisition, TraccAssure, CIMMS and TIS as well as highway design and environmental studies at Noida.

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