Condition Inventory Maintenance and Management System -CIMMS :

Condition Inventory Maintenance and  Management System (CIMMS) has been developed by SOWiL Limited, comprehensive, system to collect asset and pavement information using vehicle.
  • Showcasing the output of Network Survey Vehicle - NSV, FWD , Roughness laser profiler, transverse and rutting profiler over a Dashboard.
  • Single window mixed view of Google Map and GIS enable photographs against Road and Inventory. Can evaluate between the drawing/proposed plan and the Actual construction.
  • System also displaying the count, measurements and condition of inventories.
  • User friendly GUI’s (Graphical user interfaces) and Reports.
  • Version 2.0 with Roughness Laser profiler
  • Version 3.0 with Transverse , Rutting and Roughness laser profiler

CIMMS Version 2.0 CIMMS Version 3.0
  CIMMS Version 2.0   CIMMS Version 3.0


  Project Identification
  Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies
  Project Appraisal
  Project Planning and Preparation
  Traffic Surveys
  Topographical Survey

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SOWiL Limited an ISO 9001:2015, formerly known as Sir Owen Williams innovestment Limited, was incorporated in India, in September 1996 with its Corporate Office in Mumbai. The Company's Head office and principal design office as well as APEC and APpave office is at Navi Mumbai; North office including business development, talent acquisition, TraccAssure, CIMMS and TIS as well as highway design and environmental studies at Noida.

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