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We are the vendor of choice, providing global quality technological solutions and services for the transportation infrastructure sector in India. We are a highly committed professional team providing true value to our clients.   Read More...
Team SOWiLL, from the very beginning of a project, focuses on ensuring projects quality, performance and functionality while minimizing construction, operation and maintenance cost(Life cycle cost)   Read More...
Mr. S.A. Reddi,ex Jt MD Gammon India Ltd joins Board of Directors of SOWiL Limited. SOWiL Roads imports laser based Rutting Profiler and Roughness Meter .   Read More...


  Project Identification
  Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies
  Project Appraisal
  Project Planning and Preparation
  Traffic Surveys
  Topographical Survey

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SOWiL Limited, formerly known as Sir Owen Williams innovestment Limited, was incorporated in India, in September 1996 with its Corporate Office in Mumbai. The Company's Head Office is located at Navi Mumbai, SOWiL Roads is located at NOIDA and SOWiL Transrail and SOWiL Infra are at Navi Mumbai. SOWiL Limited has extensive experience of providing consultancy services for all types of Highway Development Works, Railway Works, Bridges.

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