To strengthen Company’s ability and increasing the opportunity to offer comprehensive assistance and integrated services to Indian cities in matters related to Urban Transport including rail transit, SOWiL Limited has entered into a strategic partnership with China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Company Limited, Chengdu to work together in India.

CREEGC is a major consultancy arm of China Railway Engineering Corporation, a fortune Global 500 Company  which is a design and construction company under the Ministry of Railway, and is the largest non-petrochemical engineering consultancy services provider in China, which include:

  • Rail and High Speed Train Systems.
  • Metro, Light Rail and Mono Rail Systems.
  • Highways and Expressways.
  • Bridges and Multi Grade Interchanges.
  • Architectural and Building Engineering.

CREEGC has a pool of valuable and experienced resource exceeding 5000 engineers in various disciplines including survey; detailed design in civil, structures, track, highways, electrification, project management; procurement and epc; and SOWiL can draw from this pool of experts for its consulting activities.

SOWiL Limited has an agreement with Research Institute of Highways, Beijing; under the Ministry of Communications; to provide their expertise and knowledge to Expressways and Highways networks in India.

SOWiL Limited has signed yet another MOU with an International Consultancy firm, namely Singapore Utilities International Private Limited for a strategic partnership to work together in the field of water supply and sanitation projects in the states of Kerala, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu in India. This valuable partnership will enable the company to strengthen its ability and increasing the opportunity to offer cutting edge technologies and expertise in building up modern infrastructure and management system for water and sanitation services.



  Project Identification
  Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies
  Project Appraisal
  Project Planning and Preparation
  Traffic Surveys
  Topographical Survey

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SOWiL Limited an ISO 9001:2015, formerly known as Sir Owen Williams innovestment Limited, was incorporated in India, in September 1996 with its Corporate Office in Mumbai. The Company's Head office and principal design office as well as APEC and APpave office is at Navi Mumbai; North office including business development, talent acquisition, TraccAssure, CIMMS and TIS as well as highway design and environmental studies at Noida.

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